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The Blossom Method

Vivien’s Sabel was the daughter of a non-signing deaf woman, so she was very good at observing non-verbal signs at people. She used this ability to observe her newborn (named “blossom”) and figured out what she wanted.  Vivien’s simple advice is to observe, mirror and respond to your baby’s non-verbal clues in order to understand their needs better:

Observe: watch your baby’s facial expressions and body language closely, e.g. tongue moving in and out of the mouth

Mirror: copy those actions so your baby knows you are listening, e.g. repeat her tongue movements to her, and watch her repeat them again back to you

Respond: having determined what your baby wants, respond by fulfilling their needs e.g. providing a feed.

Signs include tongue movements, mouth shape, facial expressions and leg or arm gestures. Also note gluey smell in a baby’s mouth which can signal she is about to be ill. Some signs are common amongst most babies, with minor differences, while others are unique to your baby.


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