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Setting Limits with Your Strong-Willed Child - Robert J. MacKenzie - Book Summary

The book, written by MacKenzie, a father to his own “strong willed” child claims that some children are strong willed and was born this way (had nothing to do with your parenting). Those children are always testing your boundaries and are less trying to comply and please the parent - so more effort is required when dealing with them. The author explains, using examples, that you should make sure your strong willed child understands what is expected of him - use specific and timely requests like ‘Put the hammer back in the box when are done playing with it” rather than “you should clean up”. He also explains that you should not fight, nag, raise your voice or punish, but use natural consequences - like “if you don’t handle the hammer with care, I will not let you use it”, and stipulate fun activities in finishing chores - “you can only go out with your friends after you take out the trash”.


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